• Drive Your Workers Compensation Costs Down in 2019!

    Many businesses just see their workers compensation insurance cost rise year after year and pay the bill as an accepted rising cost of doing business.It doesn’t have to be that way, as all we have to do is put some focus and attention in developing a solid safety program in order to reduce claims and insurance losses that lead to savings on your worker’s compensation bill. Without initiating some preventative actions and safety program development, that cost will continue to rise dep...  Read More...

  • Is Your HR Team on Top of Responses to the Recent Employment Law Changes?

    A focused HR team must be ready and prepared with a strategy to insure compliance with changes in employment law that have been imposed upon business owners, and there have been scores of them within the last several years.Just a sample of what Massachusetts employers must respond to:The legalization of recreational marijuana;A response to OSHA’s Anti-Retaliation Rule;The pending FLSA wage threshold for exempt status;Compliance with the Parental Leave Law, Earned Sick Time Law, and Equal P...  Read More...

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